Saturday, February 26, 2011


Nigerian "law enforcement agents" are most certainly jobless,how can u ban people from using tint i dont get?First the woman in the house of assembly wanted to pass a bill that people should not wear shorts or sleeveless dresses,then Aunt Dora said that we should not be calling Nigeria Naija,Nigezie or names like that then this..this people are magnanimous clowns,the thought of all of them causes me to reel with laughter.

The Minister of Police Affairs, Humphrey Abah revealed this at a press conference in Abuja, "with effect from February 28, 2011, owners of tinted vehicles would be made to remove them by policemen on the spot as the CAP M21, Motor vehicle prohibiting tinted glass Act, forbids use of heavily filmed cars." he said.

Mr. Abah said, the Federal Road Safety Corps and Road Traffic Services personnel are to assist the police in enforcing the law, and cars with factory-fitted tinted glasses are exempted from the directive. With this new directive ,only the President, his vice, governors, the Senate President, his deputy and majority leader as well as the Speaker, House of Representatives are permitted to use tinted glasses in the country.

The ministry boss warned that "unauthorized use of siren will attract severe sanction as such vehicles will be confiscated, adding that owners of vehicles with foreign numbers have two weeks to register them or remove them from the road."

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