Monday, March 28, 2011


Just so you know sha.

1.My parents are just u guysss...apart from God they are my besties.

2.I love my family to bits and I know they are d coolest, sexiest, hottest breed of humans.

3.My family dresses well is an understatement, I wonder where I come from sometimes.

4. I love God with my all, his merciessss, grace and favor on my life is overwhelming, cuz if u try d stunts I have pulled...heaven would be waiting for u.

5.I love my friends very much and tho we can be irritating I know they got my bk... Love u Dami Soetan,Zaineeee,Mayowa...

6.I used to hate school with a passion, I did everything to leave but then again it was d course i studied ...PSYCHOLOGY!!!

7.I don't care what people think and say about u kuku get Ur mind and mouth.

8.Lazy, selfish and slow people take d piss mehn...

9.This is for Koyin and Aisha, rem my b day in global and dat guy came to pick Aisha lwkmd...would never forget that day..

10. I have a thing for guys with bums,and I prefer older men(not 20yrs older sha)they are more sensible.

11. Apart from my life which is planning events,radio presenting, directing, is d next thing on d agenda, good food that is.

12.I am d most beautiful girl I know, I tend to be vain but not overly...even without make up which irritates my skin am drop dead gorgeous...

13.No series beats gossip girl and no movie beats why did I get married 1 and 2... Tyler perry is my secret love.

14. I have dreams that I and Banky w would get married...for reals(my dad enjoys teasing me with this.)

15.I have a thing for chocomilo.

16.Entertainment is my life, I am born to do it... So keep watch my shows and buying tickets to my plays.

17.i am a Tiwa Savage,Waje and Banky w groupie*bite me*

18. I have always had a secret crush on Demilade Roberts...there's something bout u boy.

19.I want to get married at d age of 25/27 i don't get the rush sometimes,we would be married for the rest of our lives sooo.

20.Contrary to popular opinion am an incurable romantic... *how I love love*

21. Olo mi by Tosin martins makes me jump, I can sing along to it anywhere.

22.There is something bout the smell of rain ,sand, coffee and cigarette in an air conditioned room... Its everlasting.

23.I love glamor,treated like a princess.

24. I want to give everything I have to d homeless and poor and little ones hawking,It breaks my heart... Sometimes I would just buy everything off them even if I don't need it so they can get out of d scotching sun...

25. I love rugged trucks and jeeps apart from d hummer and ford expedition and this is my year to own my black and pink range rover...AMEN

26...I am shy,VERY INFACT and people tend to think am a snub...

27.I like people a lot and you can annoy me over and over again,i would just overlook it and even warm up to you more,but there comes a day when you will wish you weren't born.

28.I could be the most irritable and impatient person i know,Gosh

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