Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cancer surgeon sets up Kinect in OR

This is not only to say "WOW!", but also to say how horrible it is for Gamespot to say what they did.  First a little about the information on Dr. Law.  When you had a grandparent die from cancer, this hits a little closer to home.  I just wish Gamespot would have a bit more class and think before writing such comments, joke or not.

"The interface was designed by University of Toronoto general surgery resident and engineer Matt Strickland, with help from mechatronics engineer Jamie Tremaine and computer engineer Greg Brigley. The trio first set up the Kinect sensor on a remote computer, and then connected that output to a suspended screen in the operating room. The surgeon would then make gestures recognized by Kinect to view the relevant data.
Prior to implementing the device, the surgeon would be required to leave the operating area to view the data, memorize the information, and then resterilize to continue the procedure. According to Dr. Law, he has used Kinect in six liver cancer surgeries over the past month."

 "Now Dr. Law has a perfectly legitimate explanation for any blood splatters on the walls and ceiling."
So here is the thing that is bothering me.  It shows Dr. Law using the Kinect technology and then under is a caption.  For Gamespot to say such things is appalling.  Just because it is a gaming site doesn't mean this sort of thing belongs.  This is a real Dr. saving real lives, and they joke around like it's some sort of killing machine.  
The more I stay and read Gamespot, the less I like the writers and community.   What are your thoughts?

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