Friday, March 25, 2011

Crashing stocks and selling millions.

No, I couldn't think of any fancy title name for this post, but there's already enough buzz going on around the Interweb for people to know what's what.

Homefront, another FPS (First Person Shooter) by THQ has graced us and it shows that even when the stocks bomb 21%, the game will still sell world wide 2.4 million copies.  With a metacritic score of 70 and low scores of 7s, this game was in sure line to the quality bin the first month.

Sadly, due to aggressive television ads and the mindless sheep, this game has turned around and sold very well.  With word that a second title is in the works, this looks like it will follow the footsteps of a bigger brother, Call of  Duty.

WHY!!!!  I understand people enjoy shooters, but why copy and paste the same old formula over and over??  We seen what happened with Call of Duty, it's the same damn thing, just in a different place.  And now with Homefront, it's the same vanilla flavor just with a few sprinkles added, and once you remove those sprinkles, you will notice the same base flavor.

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