Thursday, March 31, 2011

Crysis 2 - Already being hacked

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, one of the top hacked game has showed what happens to a game where there's little to no support from the developers and non-dedicated servers.  Hacking games is nothing new in the gaming world, but things are now getting to a point where people can't even play without trying to exploit them to their advantages.

Now we have Crysis 2 - Crytek's newest baby.

Series developer says it's taking cheating "very seriously" and that it will penalize offenders.

Crytek's urban jungle shooter Crysis 2 landed last week behind a warm reception. In addition to a single-player campaign, the game boasts a multiplayer component, which is currently being slammed by exploits, says Crytek.
message on the Crysis 2 portal of Electronic Arts' website states Crytek is aware of the exploits currently active in the game and that the developer is working to permanently remove these opportunities. Additionally, Crytek said it plans to penalize those taking advantage of the aforesaid exploits.
As for the game, Crysis 2 sees players fend off an alien threat once again, aided by a nanosuit that grants the user superhuman abilities ranging from speed boosts to active camouflage.

Check out this link showing how bad people are cheating with their aim bot.

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