Thursday, March 24, 2011

DING! Wait... I am already max level!

If you're like me, you love MMORPGs and everything related to them.  Sometimes you can easily fall prey to the lore and land of a game and before you know it, you're max level... well, at least with the newer MMORPGs that reward you faster than light.

There was once a time where MMOs took months, sometimes years to fully get to the end (I'm talking about you Everquest II).   Now since the curse of World of Warcraft, these games have been turned to "super easy mode" to make the player feel more rewarded for their time and money they are spending.

Well, fear not!  If you're already at max level from starting back March 1st, there's a patch for that torn "Rift" you've created.  The focus for this patch, however, is on a week-long invasion by Alsbeth the Discordant, a recurring villain. Alsbeth will command legions of undead all across Telara, with players of all levels having the opportunity to get involved. And get involved they should, because the event will be home to unique rewards that can't be had elsewhere, and won't be had again. Rewards will include zombifying disguises and a Spectral Horse mount, and once the event is over, the items will never be given out again. 

There will still be something to do, though, as the event leads into a brand new 20-player raid instance where players will be tasked with hunting Alsbeth herself and bringing her to justice. The raid is only for level 50 players, but the invasion event will be open to everyone. 

The patch goes live on the 30th.

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