Friday, March 25, 2011

Nintendo 3DS - I SEE 3D!!!

As we all know, the 3DS is Nintendo's next big (little) thing.  Carrying a price tag of $250 and offering such things are adjustable 3D and eye-popping visuals, it was only a matter of time before someone took it apart and figured what this really cost.  With its backwards compatibility and built in software, this looks like something I might pick up... if it was around the $150 mark.

With sales starting in the US this Sunday, the 3DS will carry a $100 premium over the Nintendo DS when it launched in 2004 and a $70 markup from 2009's DSi. As could be expected, the price is indicative of a higher cost of raw materials born by Nintendo to build the unit.

"UBM TechInsights VP of technical intelligence David Carey offered a "preliminary estimate" of Nintendo's cost for the physical components of the 3DS at about $101 per unit. According to Carey, that figure is about $15 more than what it cost the publisher to build each DSi unit at launch."

So what gets me is this.  The hardware cost about $15 more than the DSi, but what we're really paying for is the "new/wow" factor here, and the sense of saying "Look, I see 3D!".

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