Wednesday, March 30, 2011


So am sitting in my room and a bbm comes in reading "hi,how re u,u havent checked on mi,wai,its cull" and in my head am like wth,dont send me a message if your going to type all that rubbish,why cant you type cool or me, its still the same amount of letters,am taking it personal oh! its really very annoying,the latest one is HBD a supposed acronym for happy birthday,i beg you and am saying it now pls dont send me a birthday message with HBD,it is very rude,pls dont and before i forget if you want to talk to me dont start a message with PING because i would ignore you,ping as i know is supposed to be when a conversation is on going and after a while one of the parties hasn't replied.Please take note oh! because somebody would say am mean now.
#thatis all...nice day

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