Thursday, March 24, 2011

What me worry?!

PS3 hacker George Hotz and a group of PS3 hackers known as fail0verflow have been brought to court by SONY over his  hack of the Playstation 3.

In addition, SCEA contends that Hotz lied about having a PlayStation Network account. "Contrary to Hotz's declaration under oath, jurisdictional discovery has revealed that Hotz did register for a PSN account," read the document. The company's filing contends that Hotz owned four PlayStation 3s, one of which he bought in February 2010.

Through the process of discovery, Sony tracked that console's serial number to a GameStop store several miles from the purported hacker's home. Through its records, Sony claims that Hotz created a PSN account under the name "blickmanic" on March 10, 2010, using the PS3 with that serial number. Because one has to accept the PSN terms of service to create an account, Sony asserts that Hotz is in violation of the TOS and must be held accountable.

So here's the kicker.  In the middle of this battle, Hotz has left the country and fled to South America.  He better join a jiu-jitsu camp and then join the UFC so he can pay his legal fees.  From the sounds of it, this doesn't make him look good.  
Here's to another "Barefoot Bandit" in the making!  Good luck to you out there!

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