Monday, May 23, 2011

BioShock Infinite Updated Preview

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BioShock Infinite is shaping up to be one disturbing game. While anyone who played the original BioShock knows this is territory that Boston based Irrational Games knows very well, after getting a tease of what the developer will be showing off at E3, we can say that BioShock Infinite is unsettling in a whole new way. The brief demo of a work in progress version of the game we saw showcased the game's setting, the floating city of Colombia, the cast of troubled characters you'll encounter, your relationship with the mysterious Elizabeth, and offered a deeper look at some key gameplay mechanics. Although the meaty demo did a fine job of answering many of the questions we've had on the game, it wound up raising even more as we got a sense of the scale of the intriguing adventure.
Our last look at BioShock Infinite offered an introduction to the airborne city of Colombia, Booker Dewitt, the game's main character, Elizabeth, the mysterious and powerful woman Booker is sent to retrieve, and a taste of how the game would play. The short, but captivating, demo did an excellent job of painting a vivid picture of what to expect from the upcoming game. For this update, creative director Ken Levine served up another 20 minute chunk of the adventure from roughly a third of the way into the game that focused on Booker and Elizabeth's journey to the home of Z.H. Comstock, the locale he's supposed to drop her off.

As I was reading, you can jump from platform to platform in a free fall.  Or you can zip around Columbia on one of their "track" systems that are all over.
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