Wednesday, May 18, 2011

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Tucson stylists show shear brilliance
What do you see in your head when you read the words "fashion show"? High heels and sashaying hips? A conflagration of clingy, multicolored materials? A brigade of models wearing clothing that resembles something more akin to modern art than an outfit you might wear on University Boulevard?

We glorify models and designers, but often don't think about the stylists who put the whole look together. Fashion is much more than the cloth hung around the body. In the end, where would a fashion show be without the crazily intense hair and makeup? In order to honor the individuals who toil behind the curtain, Tucson Fashion Week hosted "The Stylists of Fashion" at the Surly Wench Pub on Thursday. According to Elizabeth Albert, the powerhouse behind Tucson Fashion Week, the event was organized to showcase Tucson's best hairstylists and makeup artists.

The event opened with just the right amount of drama as a dancer from Black Cherry Burlesque sang and tauntingly removed layers of clothing, easing the hundred-something-person crowd into the insanity in store. --- READ MORE

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