Wednesday, May 11, 2011

gabriella pasqualotto blog report

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IPL cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto thrown out for blogging on flirtatious players
outh African cheerleader Gabriella Pasqualotto has become an internet sensation and a mini-celebrity back home after being kicked out of the IPL for secretly blogging on player behavior in post-match parties. The 22-year-old Gabriella, from Pietermaritzburg, was one of the 40 South African cheerleaders in the IPL and was employed by Mumbai Indians. She reportedly wrote about “flirtatious” and “inappropriate” behavior by the cricketers and even mentioned some of them. South African media reported that her blogs created “privacy concerns” for the players. --- READ MORE

Gabriella Pasqualotto Mumbai Cheerleader girl blog
South African cheerleader, IPL Mumbai team, Gabriella Pasqualotto was posting secretly blogging about the fun and flirting that take in post match parties. Pasqualotto had written that some players and celebrity sponsors treat grils like “like pieces of meat”.

In her blog, she claimed that the Aussies were “naughty”, one of them playing “kissing catches” with some of the girls despite his girlfriend waiting at home for him, while “Ol’ Graeme Smith will flirt with anything while his girlfriend walks behind him”. --- READ MORE

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