Sunday, May 15, 2011

PTI aiadmk ministers

AIADMK Set For Landslide Win in Tamil Nadu.
DMDK of Vijaykanth has helped to ward off DMK in the traditional stronghold of DMK in North Tamil Nadu;Western Tamil Nadu has been brought into fold by splitting the Community based Kongu Peravai etc. But the DMK could not fare well in southern parts ,despite Azhzgiri;s muscle and money power is astonishing.

It seems that the people have been waiting to pounce on the DMK. As this is being written,except Karunanidhi, his son Stalin,Deputy Chief Minister, and Durai Murugan, all other Ministers seem to heading for a rout. Vijaykanth has definitely ,with his 8% vote bank, swung the total votes in favor of the AIADMK.

However AIADMK has done extremely well on its own where Vijaykanth did not split anti-DMK voted. Scoring 25 seats out of 41 seats contested in four years can not be wished away,thanks to AIADMK alliance. With what cheek did Congress demanded 63 seats from DMK,even to the point of wrecking alliance, whn they have landed with 8 seats? A percentage of about 7-8 %of total votes polled from its traditional 20%. --- READ MORE

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