Wednesday, May 25, 2011

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For the Shuqun Primary School team of Pri 6 pupils Ben Wei Feng, Cheng Si Min and Mervin Tng, their one-minute video advertisement was a chance to showcase their video-making skills - and their wit too. The video, Go English: Speak Well To Be Understood, "could teach us to speak properly and laugh at ourselves at the same time," says Ben.

The use of 'coral' mentioned above actually refers to 'quarrel', a word often mispronounced by Singaporeans. The video highlights and corrects this, as well as other common English errors in Singapore. As Mervin explains, "We see things differently from adults," giving the pupils a fresh perspective for their video, which took home a gold award in the video advertisement category for primary schools.

Under the guidance of their teacher-facilitator Ms Rozainah Rahim, the pupils took on the entire task of scriptwriting, video recording, acting and video editing. Mervin estimates they spent eight hours producing the short one-minute feature.

This isn't their first time they've dabbled in media production. Ben, for example, started getting interested in digital media when he was in Pri 2. The team members are also active members of a CCA called Media Production House, where students are encouraged to pursue their interests in media. The school even has a podcasting studio specially built for the CCA.

For Si Min, she takes inspiration from no less an icon than Bill Gates. "I remembered reading that he was one of the Top 100 influential people in media," she says. "We've always been told to have our dreams. This video is my way of starting small to do that." Read More

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