Monday, May 9, 2011

The Social Network War: Friendster, Myspace, and Facebook

Facebook Wants a New Face

myspace mugshot series- myspace

Friendster Philippines

I remember the early days of Facebook. I was technically driving traffic to it, most of the little traffic I had. Well, initially I wasn’t aware. It was probably some media buy with the affiliate network I was working with at that time.

Anyways, back when almost all social networks looked the same, Friendster and Myspace were household names and such big hits. Loads of traffic, loads of members, who are technically microbloggers who build the site for free and are also the consumers. Nothing has changed anyway, right? It’s business! People flock to enjoy themselves, technically building the site from scratch, and owners profit. Notable during their peak is that the possibilities seemed endless. Flipping, acquiring, and merging all seemed profitable.

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