Wednesday, May 25, 2011

South Korea's MBC Plus Sports anchorwoman Song Ji Sun committed suicide

MBC Plus Sport anchorwoman Song Ji-sun committed suicide by jumping from the 19th floor of her apartment yesterday, reported Edaily SPN. Reports say: "Song Ji-sun attempted suicide at 1.44pm KST by jumping from out of her 19th floor Seocho-dong officetel. Authorities were immediately called and Miss Song was rushed to the emergency room." Seocho police have confirmed that she was pronounced dead at the scene.

Speculations are that the suicide is linked to the recent scandal with baseball player, Im Tae-hoon. Song had announced that she had been dating the Doosan Bear player for the past year and a half but the statement was denied by Im Tae-hoon himself. On 7 May 2011, she wrote: "If you cannot take me to you, please give me strength to say the least. My heart is in such pain, I am already on my third sleeping pill."

Her last post on 21 May 2011 read: "I am steering clear of the Internet lately. My words... I am so sorry. I'm not that good with computers so I don't know how to delete my account. I'd first like to tweet my apology. I'm so sorry but really, my Cyworld isn't the truth. I'll reveal the truth soon."

Song's death would be one of the many suicides in Korean TV history.

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