Monday, May 9, 2011

tin pei ling profile petition

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Politician Tin Pei Ling Faces Facebook Petition Trouble
The Singapore General Election ended. All was good, except for Ms. Tin Pei Ling who isn’t really popular among Singaporeans, or at least Facebook-ers in Singapore. We spotted at least 5 Facebook pages ranging from 7,000 likes to 40,000 likes wanting her out of the parliament. The reasons vary. A Facebook page titled “We want George Yeo in parliament and not Tin Pei Ling” has more than 26,000 likes. The reason is pretty obvious:... READ MORE

Tin Pei Ling’s entry into Parliament: An insult to Singapore politics
Tin Pei Ling is now a Member of Parliament, what an insult to tax paying Singaporeans. However, the votes for Marine Parade GRC dipped from 77.25% when it was last contested in 1991 to 56.65% this time round. This is not a good performance at all for the PAP. In fact, the margin is rather slim and I would of course prefer Nicole Seah and Abdul Salim in Parliament. Nicole gained my respect with the way she handled the sexist press and the way she carried herself throughout her campaigning. Salim, who I know personally, has always been a passionate supporter of human rights causes. He is a down to earth fella who definitely understands how the people on the ground are struggling in their daily lives. I hope they do not give up and keep working on the ground to prepare for the next GE. For the opposition, work can never stop. --- READ MORE

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