Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Turi Beach Resort (Batam Island, Indonesia) Report

Situated in the Northeast part of Batam Island, Turi is just 35 minutes from Singapore, but a world away from the cares of man. The lush land and seascapes of this boutique resort could literally liberate you.

The tranquility of the surrounding village at Turi Beach Resort add immensely to the minimalist tone of this serene, yet luxurious accommodation. 140 rooms on almost 8 hectares all face the azure sea, amid the unspoiled beauty of the Riau Islands. Mix impeccable service and care with peace and quiet, and toss in paradise – voilà, savor perfection.

Part of the Nongsa Resorts chain, Turi and its sisters in the Archipelego, Nongsa Point Marina and Nongsa Village, offer a unique opportunity for a pampered existence within a primitive and secluded paradise. The interesting part of this getaway excursion though is just how accessible the wilderness is at Turi. The resort is just 15 minutes from the nearest airport, and a 35 minute ferry ride from Singapore, one of Asia’s most modern cities.

Inspired by Balinese hospitality and design, Turi Beach Resort blends the polished teak and mahogany feel of that Island with Riviera type service. Jet ski in pristine waters offshore, soak up the sun on a flawless beach, of be take a massage pampering in a controlled climate. A week here and you may never want to leave.

Imagine, if you can, a tropical paradise where you get the feeling Tarzan may swing onto the beach at any moment, with gourmet meals, cutting edge amenities, and where the Jack Niclaus designed Tamarin Santana Golf Club is just minutes away. Any way, you get the idea. For more information about Turi Beach Resort, follow any of the links provided or visit their Facebook. You can also call +62 778 761080, or book online. For a bit over $1,200, two people can stay in a Delux air conditioned Balinese hut for 7 nights, including all taxes. Source

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