Monday, May 23, 2011


Jonathan’s inauguration to gulp N1 billion, says Yayale Ahmed, Secretary to the Federal Government.
I don't know whether I'm the only one seeing these things but are this people using brain at all,How on earth can you use 1billion Naira for a 4hr max ceremony,what exactly are they doing?I have tried to outline things they would use the money to do and these are what readily comes to mind:

1.The expression attachments to use for aunty Patience Ghana weaving or highest Brazilian(which I doubt she knows)

2.The rivers abi Bayelsa state apparel that both Jonathan and patience would wear and the vice president as well,fine then they would change into the 3major tribes apparel.

3.The wine and food(caterer,maybe lareedo or 12 baskets to be giving small chops)

4.Pls I think the ceremony would be @ d eagle square and last I checked,there's not much to do,so Uche Majekodunmi the very popular decorator won't need to do much.

5.There's nothing to plan,as the govt has planned it all,so there's nothing for Funke Bucknor-Obruthe to do.

6.Maybe Ali-baba would charge 100million to do MC at the event.

7.How can I forget,maybe its Banke Meshida-lawal that will charge 1.5million per face of the dignitaries to make them look exotic.

8. Abi is it Dbanj and Mohits,2face,P-square,Waje,Asa,Goldie,Djinee that would charge 200million each to perform one song.

I really am looking for what else would gulp a whole 1 billion naira,maybe all the soldiers,police officers,naval officers would wear new uniforms and buy new instruments so as dem they beat drum and blow trumpet,e go dey flow serenre(aka smoothly),how can I forget the uniforms of the cooks,maids,cleaners,gardners plus bedsheets and kitchen ware have to be changed to green white green to signify true democracy(ANUOFIA).
Dear Jonathan,you realise that 2days before this your inaguration is childrens day,won't it be so smart to give the homeless,motherless,orphans even a quarter of this public fund,evn if you embark on "operation feed a child ceremony"you will get some good eyes,but God dey sha. Suffice to say una for presidency ori yin ti Fokasibe. Goodnight!!! Abi do they paln on doing the ceremony in the 36states ni,so that means they would spend 27,777,777(hian)God dey!!! Nothing to dem,rapture go soon shele,then we would see in that big screen all that hapened

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