Monday, May 23, 2011

who is the footballer named in the scottish herald

Six little tweets in the UK have sparked a huge war over super injunctions — gag orders that British citizens can get to suppress news concerning themselves from making it into the mainstream media. The media can’t even report that a super injunction exists.

After a Twitter user alleged sexual indiscretions by a host of British celebrities that were allegedly protected by super injunctions, it set off a firestorm, forcing British lawmakers to think about whether such a thing is still feasible in the age of social media, and if it is, how to enforce it. One of the celebs, a soccer player who is alleged to have a super injunction for scoring goals with a woman who was not his wife, has filed a lawsuit to find out who the user behind the anonymous @InjunctionSuper account is. His lawyers identify him as “CTB” in the lawsuit, but it quickly emerged through social media and the American press (which is not subject to the super injunction) that the client was Manchester United player Ryan Giggs.

The latest salvo in the super injunctions battle (via Parmy Olson) comes from the Scottish Sunday Herald, which has put Giggs on its front page with a black bar over his eyes, to, um, protect his identity: Read More

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