Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Elephants In Mysore, Elephant Attack In Mysore, Wild Elephants In Mysore

Mysore, June 8 (KMC,RK & KK)- A wild female elephant and its male calf went on a rampage in city early this morning, trampling to death a man, attacking cattle, damaging several vehicles and other property.

Though elephants are a common sight in Mysore city during Dasara, this is for the first time that wild elephants entered this city and caused havoc for about three hours, before one of them was tranquilised, secured with ropes and chains and with the help of three tamed elephants, shifted in a truck to elephant camp in Dubare, Kodagu. Tension prevailed throughout the city as news of the wild elephants spread.

The elephant attack also forced the district administration to declare a holiday for educational institutions in the city. But some schools refused to let the children out due to security reasons.

Though initially the DC had obtained permission to shoot the rogue calf to death as three shots of tranquilisers had no effect, the tranquilisers kicked in and subdued the elephant soon after, avoiding the shooting of the calf.

The mother and son were first spotted near the RMC Yard in Bamboo Bazaar at around 5.30 am. After creating havoc in the vicinity, the mother-elephant ran away towards Tilak Nagar, reaching Naidu Farm along the KRS road, via Bannimantap and LIC Circle. It was later spotted standing in the middle of a large water-body in the farm, close to the Sewage Plant.

Forest Department personnel, led by Zoo Director K.B. Markandaiah and Veterinarian Dr. Suresh Kumar, attempted to transquilise the elephant but did not succeed for a long time as it was far beyond the gun's firing range and also they had to fire many times as the tranquiliser dose they initially had at hand was low.

Where they came from
It is said that the elephants, lost and frightened, came from T. Narasipur taluk side, traversing 24 kms overnight. The female and calf were spotted yesterday in a sugarcane field in Kodagalli village of Bannur Hobli which was reported in today's morning newspapers. It seems the Forest officials did not expect them to come into the city.

Sequence of events
5.30 am: The mother elephant and calf were first spotted by Yathish Kumar, 35, a vegetable trader, when he went to answer nature's call near the main drainage close to the RMC yard in Bamboo Bazar. He ran away in fright and alerted others. Soon, hundreds of people gathered in the vicinity, making the beasts panic and run helter-skelter. Read More

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