Saturday, June 4, 2011

FAJAR SECONDARY SCHOOL - Ministry of Education, Singapore | Tirai Fajar

Fajar Secondary School aims to be an oasis of learning for the students, staff and parents. The school programmes provide abundant opportunities for the holistic development of each student. The staff is deployed in areas of work that harness their individual strengths and passion. The school involves parents through regular meetings and seminars.

The academic programmes cater to students with different abilities. Students in the GCE `O’ Level course may offer up to 8 subjects if they are able to cope. There is a strong emphasis on continual learning for teachers. For example, teachers actively engage in upgrading their skills through attending conferences, reading Master’s Degree courses, developing lessons based on the guiding principle of Differentiated Learning to meet the learning needs of the students and prototyping innovation projects.

A wide range of Co-Curricular Activities is provided for students. More than 30% of the students belong to one of the six award-winning Uniformed Groups. The school received the Sustained Achievement Award for Uniformed Groups every year since 2002. To encourage an active lifestyle and a love for sports, the school offers a range of games played at competitive levels. In the area of performing arts, the school won an impressive array of awards for English drama, Modern dance and the Symphonic Band at the SYF since 2003.

The school is strongly driven to nurture students of sound character. Our values-based Character Education (CE) Curriculum is designed to develop in students a passion for learning, confidence in the pursuit of success and the humility to lead and to serve. The FAJAR values (Faithfulness, Adaptability, Joy, Authenticity, Resilience) and the Social Emotional Competencies form the foundation of our Character Development Framework. Besides explicit teaching ofthe CE Curriculum, we have alsoinfused it into the Instructional Programme and reinforced it through students’ involvement in CCA and the Student Leadership Programme. We also develop our students in other ways through a diverse selection of elective modules offered to Secondary 3 and 4 students to meet their individual learning needs and interest. Our Project Achievers Life-skills Workshops for Sec 1-5 nurture in our students confidence and a sense of purpose in life, imbued with the spirit of 'Learn, Give and Shine'. Other key programmes include Level Camps, Overseas Immersion Programme, Overseas Community Outreach Programme, Experiential & Exploratory Learning.  Read More

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