Monday, June 13, 2011

Lv Wan Rou Profile and Biography

Profile Lv Wan Rou
Other Name(s): Lv Wanrou, Lv Lin (or Lu Lin), Angelin
Origin : China
Occupation : Model, Dancer
Debut : Asian Racing Model
Hobby : Travelling

Lv Wan Rou – Stunning Asian Beauty
Formerly known as Angelin Lv Lin 吕琳, Lv Wan Rou is a stunning and hot Chinese model and Internet beauty. For today’s daily idols, we’ve got a couple of latest studio shoots of Lv Wan Rou to share with everyone.

Lv Wan Rou – Leopard Lingerie Shoot
We’re glad to share with you some new photos of beautiful Chinese model Lv Wan Rou. Formerly known as Angelin Lv Lin, Lv Wan Rou has produced many stunning photo shoots during her modelling career. In the first set, Lv Wan Rou wears a sexy leopard lingerie outfit with a knitted red top.

Lv Wan Rou – Hot Model From China
Lv Wan Rou is a beautiful and hot model from Mainland China. Wan Rou was formerly known as Lv Lin or Angelin. With a quiet makeover, Wan Rou is back in the modelling world and ready to wow the market. More hot photos of Lv Wan Rou can be found at: Red Flava Gallery. Read More

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