Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Hmmm this young man just seems to be doing everything wrong and now i agree that money intoxicates. At Get Arena over the weekend at about 12 midnight when Paddy and his friends arrived, surrounded by 4 security details-made up of a Mobile policeman carrying a rifle & 3 bouncers, on getting to the gate of the arena, the unlucky security guard at the gate tried to do his job, by asking for their invitation cards, which totally angered Paddy's security details for the audacity to block the entrance and for asking for IV'S , and for his mistake he was slapped severally and beaten blue,black & green, right in front of Paddy & his friends, who entered the venue as if they were oblivious of what had just happened.
This is arrant nonsense,why would you do things like this,its just sickening.

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