Monday, June 6, 2011

The Scientific Method : Environment + Energy – Intelligence = Decrease Order

The Scientific Method is a way to investigate the world around us. The following brief explanation of the Scientific Method will serve to give context for the main topic of this blog.

We begin by observing the world around us and perhaps we record these observations. Note: Being careful and precise in making and recording our observations will aide in our quest to understand our world (and the community as a whole will benefit).

We may also speculate on what these observations may mean (hypothesize). And these hypotheses may lead to experiments, which will lead to more observations.

This process may begin very loose and unorganized at first. However, overtime, the serious investigator will become increasingly more formal.

The ability to explain what is being observed through the use of a model, becomes a major accomplishment. One example of this is Newton’s Second Law of Motion, F = ma. This mathematical model explains that, “Force is equal to mass times acceleration”. This model has been a very useful method for us in understanding the world in which we live.

One last comment before moving on to the main topic of this blog. The ability to learn from the past and to build on the work of others, can be one of life’s greatest accomplishments.  Read More

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