Wednesday, June 15, 2011

weibo, 张柏芝微博, the9 limited, zhuoyue, 去哪里, 必应

weibo, 张柏芝微博, the9 limited, zhuoyue, 去哪里, 必应

Sina Weibo launches Klout-like analytics platform
Sina Weibo has just launched its new Klout-like robust analytics tool for its 140 million users so that they can track and monitor data about their Weibo accounts.

Accessible at, the analytics platform allows users to monitor their own accounts on a weekly basis that is presented in different categories. First and foremost, it offers an official user rating similar to Klout, which is based on influence, amplification, and reach.

It also tracks follower activities including the top 10 topics they’re interested in, gender ratio, geographic location and tags. It also tracks comments and retweets, displaying the top 10 most active followers and a user’s follower growth trend.

Lastly there’s the weekly Top Weibos and top trending topics.

It certainly gives a new dimension to Sina Weibo as users can now have an offical quantitative and qualitative ratings on how they use their accounts. Something Twitter can learn from them, perhaps?

Check out this infographic that details the features of the new Sina Weibo Data Services from TechRice:
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