Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I have been seeing this picture everywhere,most especially as guys DP on bbm and the thing pain me oh! Why una dey lie like this now?if a woman carries thread or shuku(the hairstyle that we girls used to do then in primary school that looks like a bunch of plantain tied up) and front and another carries Brazilian 16 inches with stilettos,mad Carolina Herrera bag and other things which one you go pick? Hidiat did i hear you say na wetin dey inside her heart,sharrap mehn,you know you cant know whats inside without first getting to see the outside and no Lagos"bigs boy"would be caught with a girl to kola(have mark(3)on each side of her face) and on top that carry shuku,you go dey vex even if na recharge card the girl wan sell to you.So stop putting that picture because you know you care if we have that Brazilian on,with the lovely maxi dress that shows a lil cleavage,our bags on point,nails done and eyebrows did and just so you know some girls dont want to look good for you they do it because they do it#roger that and i am so included

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