Monday, June 20, 2011

Call of Duty: Black Ops: Top 10 Kills (06.20.11)

Yay!  You get to watch the top 10 kills in Call of Duty: Black Ops...  where's the top 10 kills in Battlefield: Bad Company 2?  Yeah, didn't think so.

Commodore 64 Replicas Shipping Next Week

On the surface, the Commodore 64 shares the same PC-in-a-keyboard physique that it did when it was originally released. Inside, however, the hardware is all new. While the bottom end $250 model is built for basic functionality, the top-end $895 C64x Ultimate version will come equipped with an Intel Atom D525 1.8GHz Dual-Core processor, NVIDIA ION2 GPU, 4GBs of memory, Wi-Fi support, Blu-ray drive, a 1TB hard drive, and 1080p output via HDMI. 

The C64 will come loaded with Ubuntu 10.10, with Commodore OS 1.0 being delivered once available. If you prefer to go the traditional route, feel free to use Windows 7 as your operating system. 

The Commodore 64 has gone beyond just a novelty item and can be pre-ordered now from Commodore USA.

Carlos & Allan

01. Pensa no trem bão
02. Doce paixão
03. Me beija logo
04. Amor de fantasia
05. Vou cuidar de você / Não vou chorar
06. Falando de amor
07. Parece novela
08. Eu só quero um xodó / Anunciação
09. Não passa de um mês
10. Água na boca
11. Out Door / É bom demais
12. Vacilou virou ex
13. Quem sabe de mim sou eu / Coração de fora
14. Pensando em você
15. Chega dessa dor
16. Bem feito pra você
17. Segura na mão de Deus

João Haroldo & Betinho

01. Coração Idiota 
02. Esperando na Janela
03. Cai na Real 
04. Só Fazendo Amor 
05. Pagode 
06. 24 Horas de Amor 
07. Desejos 
08. Duas Vezes Você 
09. Preciso Te Amar de Novo
10. Se Você Quer
11. Telefone Mudo 
12. Fui Dando Porrada 
13. Pedacinhos 
14. Te Amo e Não Te Quero 
15. Pode Voltar Paixão 
16. Por Você 
17. Último Adeus 
18. Hoje Não é Nosso Dia 
19. Bônus

Carrie Underwood Snatches Up 400 Rural Acres

All the Nashville and country music media are going hog wild with the news that former American Idol turned Grammy-winning pop-country superstar Carrie Underwood and her lantern-jawed professional puck pusher hubby Mike Fisher have snatched up more than 400 undeveloped acres in the scenic and semi-rural suburbs of Nashville, TN.

According to all the many reports on the matter, Mister and Missus Fisher paid around $2,900,000 for 354 acres in the foothills south of Nashville. They reportedly paid another $350,000 for an adjoining 50-acre spread.

Presumably the comely couple will build a big ol' house with a swimming pool (and and ice rink?) where they can raise up a passel of fine lookin' youngins in the lap of country luxury.

Last year it was reported in all the big tabs and gossip glossies that the newlyweds were in the process of building a house of marital bliss in Ottawa, Canada where Mister Fisher, at the time, played hockey for whatever hockey team it is they have in Ottawa. Conveniently, early in the year Mister Fisher was transferred to the professional hockey team in Nashville, his wife's home base. We're sure there were no calls made or strings pulled to make that happen. Your Mama really has no idea if the Underwood-Fishers will keep their crib in Canada where, we imagine, Mister Fisher still has scads of family and friends.

As far as we know–and property records reveal–Missus Underwood-Fisher's property portfolio currently includes the Brentwood, TN mansion that she bought in May 2007 for $1,353,000. The house, according to records and research, sits at the tail end of a cul-de-sac in the gated Governors Club golf community and measures 5,683 square feet.

The country queen also, according to records, still owns a 2,956 square foot house in a suburban development in Franklin, TN that she acquired in November 2005 for $384,000.

Top Ten (10) Member AKB48 Ranking 2011 Results

Top Ten (10) Member AKB48 Ranking 2011 Results

The results for the AKB48 General Election 2011
Maeda Atsuko

1. Maeda Atsuko

After losing last year’s battle, Maeda Atsuko is back as the 2011′s face of AKB48. With Maeda appearing extensively in mainstream television this year and the release of her first solo single. It is no surprise that the girl that has been described as the personification of AKB48 reclaims her spot. Will we see a “Comeback” themed 23rd single for AKB48′s K-pop loving center?

Oshima Yuko

 2. Oshima Yuko

Despite the impressive number of total votes this year, Oshima Yuko loses her place to Maeda Atsuko by a less than 10% margin. While not quite as visible, Oshima Yuko continues to win fans over with her vigor and silly charms.

Kashiwagi Yuki

3. Kashiwagi Yuki

It’s no secret that Kashiwagi Yuki has been going place as of late. Between her exposure as a weather girl and the debut of her sub-group French Kiss, the past year has seen her popularity rise far more so than any other AKB48 member. Which is why she takes the number three spot this year. The question remains if she will be able to bridge the sizable gap between her and second place in time to come.

Shinoda Mariko

4. Shinoda Mariko

Regardless of her rare participation in theater performances and decreasing appearance on AKB48 related shows, Shinoda Mariko drops only a single spot this year, no doubt thanks to her exposure through other popular mediums.

Watanabe Mayu

5. Watanabe Mayu

Watanabe Mayu continues to increase her fanbase at a steady level. Allowing her to retain her position at #5. Arguably, her timely photobook release may have helped too.

Kojima Haruna
 6. Kojima Haruna

AKB48′s lazy queen has not been standing out any more particularly than last year, with her drama career temporarily coming to a standstill. Instead Kojima opts to continue her strong presence in AKB48, variety shows and her sub-unit No Sleeves. It also helps that she appears far more frequently than any other member in publications, with it being impossible to not find at least one magazine featuring a bikini-clad Kojima on shelves on any given day. Kojima Haruna takes the sixth spot by a narrow edge of just 130 votes.

Takahashi Minami

7. Takahashi Minami

Team A’s captain and now official leader of the entire AKB48. With no distractions with the exception of being part No Sleeves (as well), Takahashi’s hard work and dedication toward the idol group continues to garner the respect of fans all over.

Itano Tomomi

8. Itano Tomomi

Despite her solo debut this year and her role as the face of the popular Samantha Vega, Itano Tomomi drops 4 spots this year. She doesn’t lag far behind the previous two though.

Sashihara Rino

9. Sashihara Rino

While she had been promoted extensively for years, the past year has been especially good to Sashihara Rino. Her post Heavy Rotation feature as the video’s least prominent member and subsequent popularity stunts have struck gold with the public who find it rather difficult not to like AKB48′s most notorious wota.

10. Matsui Rena

Long regarded as one of SKE48′s most popular members. SKE48′s hidden ace Matsui Rena had missed making last year’s top 10 by just 84 votes. This year she overtakes fellow SKE48′s Matsui Jurina (and most of the 48 groups) to become SKE48′s highest ranking representative.

雷鳥 Ptarmigan, 雷鳥 お笑い, 芸人報道, 雷鳥 芸人


実施月日:  2011年7月30(土)~31日(日) 
目的と意義:  雷鳥の生態を生息している地域で直に学び、此のことを通じて自然を守ること
場  所:  立山、室堂、山小屋雷鳥荘――講演と宿泊、テント宿泊は雷鳥沢キャンプ場
講  師:  肴倉氏   
参加費 :12,000円(宿泊代、講演料など)  テント宿泊参加費は3,600円 入浴料込み
参加者 :労山会員は遭対基金加入の上、計画書を会に提出のこと。一般参加は傷害保険加入
定  員:60名(最大80名)            
7月29日(金)21:30 金山集合、22:00 バス金山出発、
朝、室堂到着  11:00室堂集合   11:10出発
13:00~15:20分 開会、講演、質疑
16:30~第二班、自然観察、雷鳥観察  (人数により翌日の観察会も設定)
18:50~食事      19:30分~懇親会
午後14:00室堂出発、 帰途
申 込:各会自然保護担当者又は まで、Read More