Thursday, February 17, 2011


A 52-year-old French woman who already has three children and is a grandmother of three, has just given birth to triplets in Toulouse, France.

Catherine Colonges welcomed baby Elian, Leonora and Alexis into the world on January 10th. They join their two brothers, aged 27 and 30, and a sister, aged 15.
Elian, a boy, was born first, followed by his sister, Leonore, and then Alexis, a boy.

Colonges is of Togolese origin and currently lives in the French village of Limogne-en-Quercy with her husband Michel, aged 51. She told AFP: ‘It’s a great joy to be with my family and to see [my daughter] look after her brothers and her sister with love.”
The pregnancy occurred naturally.

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