Thursday, March 3, 2011


Two brothers were arrested by the police for their involvement in the kidnapping of a 12 year-old-boy, whose name was withheld by the police for security reasons. Akinyemi Akinyosoye, 23, and Seun Akinyosoye, 19, allegedly abducted the boy on his way back from school two weeks ago and collected N55 000 ransom from the parents for his release later in the week.

The abducted boy was the key factor that led to the arrest of the kidnappers after Apparently the boy stumbled upon a passport photograph of one of the brothers he had stumbled on while he was a hostage in their apartment at Ojokoro area of Lagos, after his release, the boy gave the photograph to his father who took the issue up with at Ikorodu Police Station, where the elder Akinyosoye was easily identified because of his involvement in another case under investigation at the station.

The police said the brothers had initially demanded for a four million naira ransom from the parents, but the brothers claimed they had only demanded for N100 000, which was meant to “sustain” themselves. The elder of the two brothers said his vehicle, used for car hire business, had been grounded for some time and that they also needed some money to get it back on the road.

The younger one has a secondary school certificate but is unemployed. “It was raining on that day, and we hid somewhere to hide from the rain and the young boy also came there,” said the elder Akinyosoye. “We interviewed him and he told us that his father works in a bank. We didn’t have money to sustain us, so we now said maybe this man can issue some change so that we can repair the vehicle. We told him that he should come and know our place, and that his father would come and pick him.”

The brothers said they eventually collected N55, 000.
That little boy is so smart keeping the picture he found,may God save us from this kidnapping act becoming the order of the day.

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