Saturday, March 26, 2011

Call of Duty Black Ops: Pro Loadouts

As much as I dislike the Call of Duty games, I thought I would go ahead and post what the "top" players are using.  What you'll notice is this.  To be good, it is not how well you play, but the load out, weapon and perks you use.  I find that it's kind of lacking on the developers to create such a one setup "I WIN" configuration.

This is probably the most standard loadout in the MLG scene. It's very versatile and powerful for just about any type of player. It allows players to have strong slaying abilities and good close-range battle capabilities with the high-speed fire rate of the Famas.

At the start of Black Ops, the competitive scene was ruled by AK74u's. Treyarch noticed this and began to patch and nerf the AK74u multiple times. This led to the Famas being the overall best choice for competitive players. The Famas, when held by someone with a solid shot, is deadly at long range, medium range, and even close range. 

This is the loadout you will see me and the majority of pro players using in MLG matches. The FAMAS is the best assault rifle; it shoots 937.5 rounds per minute, making it a very lethal weapon at close to medium range. It's unlocked at level 14, so for those of you who absolutely hate ranking up, then this is the gun for you.

So if you're wondering what the heck this load out is, well boys and girls, here it is.  What I love is if you brought any of these pro MLG players to a game like Battlefield Bad Company 2, they would not stand a chance.  It's not the gun that makes you, but the actual skill of the player.  I have out shot people many times with an uzi and other SMGs against the more powerful AUG or M16 for example.

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