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Enjoying Specific Fruit And Vegetables Which Aid The Treatment Of Acne

Enjoying Specific Fruit And Vegetables Which Aid The Treatment Of Acne

Acne can have a number of causes and range in severity from a few pimples to severe pock-marking and scarring. A healthy diet can help prevent its onset and aid with skin repair once an outbreak has occurred. Fresh fruits, vegetables, seeds, nuts and whole grains are an essential part of a balanced diet to provide the vitamins and minerals which promote healthy skin. Beta carotene is especially good for the complexion and is found in many fruits and vegetables. The following are some ways to enjoy specific vegetables that boost acne treatment as they contain vitamin A (beta carotene).

Apricots fresh from the tree are lovely and if you happen to have a tree of your own then the fruit can be used for making spicy chutneys and preserves which last all year round. Dried apricots are a super snack item as a healthy alternative to chips or candy. Whether fresh or dried, apricots are great in cakes, flans and pies.

Carrots are a super all year vegetable that are as much at home grated into a salad bowl as they are nestling beside a juicy steak. Cut into fingers they are excellent crudities for a dipping at a party. Pop them in the blender for a nutritious juice or eat them raw when they are young straight from the ground. If you do want to cook them try steaming instead of boiling all the goodness out of them.

Ripe Mangos are as sweet tasting as they smell, just peel and enjoy the soft flesh. They are an ideal candidate to for a thick juice full of flavor or a smoothie. Coming originally from India they are found hot chutneys as an accompaniment to curry, but don’t let that stop you using it as a side dish for your own favorite meats.

Citrus fruits are well known as a source of Vitamin C, and oranges are no exception. They also contain vitamin A and can and zest to your mango or carrot smoothies and juices. Segmented they are fabulous on flans and desserts along with their cousins the mandarin and tangerine. Mixed with beets they make a colorful and tasty salad.

Peaches and nectarines work well as the base for a fresh fruit salad; peaches are best with the skin removed but nectarines work just as well with their skin still on. Both can be used to make a cobbler (similar to a pie) as a winter warmer and of course in smoothies, preserves and ice creams.

Often served around the holiday season in the USA, the sweet potato is as versatile a vegetable as you will find. There are so many recipes which use it the possibilities are endless; soups, pies, stews, souffles to name but a few. The sweet potato is not as high in calories as you may think so don’t just save it for the holidays.

All these specific foods that boost acne treatment have another common factor, the color orange. Pick up anything from the fruit and vegetable aisle which is orange and it is highly likely to be rich in beta carotene. Other colors are good too; dark greens, reds and yellows are all indictors of a high vitamin A content. Color is an excellent indicator of goodness in the world of vegetables and fruits.

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