Sunday, April 3, 2011

Gamers Heart Japan

Gamers Heart Japan is a collaboration of gamers, developers and everyone in between who've worked together and put a small (one hour) video together to help the community work together and bring needed attention to the problems in Japan.  All of our favorite video game developers have come together to share their favorite Japanese gaming moments and raise some money. 

You can help too!

Please visit Gamers Heart Japan and help donate even the smallest amount to help everyone's favorite country get back on their feet.  People seriously don't understand the impact the earthquake has had on the world and their economy, gaming, electronics etc.

Members of the global videogame community have come together in an unprecedented effort to create a special video to show their appreciation for the Japanese game industry and to raise donations for Red Cross relief efforts for the people of Japan.
The 9.0 magnitude earthquake and resulting tsunami that struck Japan on Friday March 11, 2011, has caused widespread destruction and suffering. Thousands of people are reported dead and many more are injured or missing. The earthquake has caused fires and severe damage to buildings, leaving millions of households without electricity. The Japanese Red Cross has been on the ground since the disaster began and has sent response teams to provide first aid and emergency healthcare, as well as distributing relief items.
Japanese Red Cross medical teams have been providing vital medical care to those hit by the disaster. The Japanese Red Cross Society is also offering counseling and emotional support to survivors who have lost their homes and traditional way of life. Funds raised will be used to support Red Cross emergency response efforts in Japan. This may include relief items (blankets, sleeping mats, and hygiene items), medical supplies and equipment and deploying emergency personnel. As the disaster shifts from the emergency to recovery phase assessments will be done to determine how the Red Cross can best support longer-term relief and recovery efforts in affected communities.

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