Sunday, May 15, 2011


I understand that the govt is trying to make lagos clean and fair but then,this is a bit emmmmm.This has got to be the funniest story i have heard in a while(not saying anything oh! all u "mind readers")but do they mean to tell me that the 3044 beggars that have been deported to their various state and country of origin are the ones causing things?hian,na wa oh! maybe a beggar has started toying with the lights at the PHCN office,or a beggar is the one destroying all the roads. I fully well understand that some of these people are able bodied and can work,but i think its left up to the government to get them off the road build rehabilitation centers for them and get them into some vocational training school,a child can not just get up and start running,he has to crawl and fall first,so dear Uncle Fashola dont jabo my hand oh!So they want to tell me that there would be one policeman for each car as you stretch your hand to give money,na handcuff go just slap you,lwkm(jokers)#jonzing world,policeman never see craze woman/man we go slap am or beggar wey go bite am for groin(haha)

I have said all that to say that the Lagos State Government on Thursday said giving alms to beggars on roadside is an offense punishable by two years imprisonment without an option of fine. It further stated that instead of risking jail term, the citizens of the state could give such alms to churches, mosques, registered orphanages, motherless babies homes or social welfare institutions in the state.

The Special Adviser on Youth, Sports and Social Development to the governor, Dr. Dolapo Badru, said this at a news conference in Alausa, Ikeja on the performance of the ministry in social care. He said the government was determined to take beggars and the destitute off the street and provide them vocations and shelters. - Punch

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