Monday, May 30, 2011

rajinikanth in singapore info

Popular South Indian actor Rajinikanth arrived in Singapore on Saturday morning for medical treatment. He is at Mount Elizabeth Hospital's intensive care unit. He was accompanied by his two daughters and a son-in-law.

Affectionately nicknamed the Superstar of Tamil movie industry, the 61-year-old actor was admitted to a hospital in Chennai following respiratory infection and other problems. He was about to commence filming for his next movie.

His son-in-law Dhanush, also a popular South Indian actor, refused to speak to the media citing family privacy. However he mentioned that Rajinikanth is in stable condition. The hospital here has refused to comment on Rajinikanth's health, saying that it was not obliged to disclose the identity of its patients when they request complete privacy.

But that has not stopped his fans from turning up at the hospital. Thenesh Kumar said: "I am a big fan of Rajinikanth. I just heard the news this afternoon saying that he's not feeling well and he's travelling from India to Singapore and being admitted to this hospital for treatment. So I thought I could just visit him, if it's possible I could see him. So I just came down here for a while. I just hope he gets well soon and (gets back to) his acting career." Read More

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