Tuesday, May 17, 2011

singapore holidays 2011 vesak

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Labour Day 2011 – Holidays in China, HK, Singapore
Labour Day is an annual public holiday to celebrate the economic and social achievements of workers. Just a gentle reminder that our offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore will be closed on Monday 2nd May, 2011. --- READ MORE

June Holidays Debate Camp for Beginners 2011
Debate Association (Singapore) will be conducting a Beginners’ Debate Day Camp from 29 May (Sunday) to 31 May (Tuesday). The Camp will be held from 2pm-5pm on Sunday and 9.30am-5pm on Monday and Tuesday. It is a stay-out camp.

This Beginners’ Camp is an annual camp organised by Debate Association (Singapore) and will target students who have no or little debating experience. The camp will be conducted in the form of lectures, workshops and group activities and seeks to introduce the participants to public speaking and the basics of debating.

The cost fee of the camp is $100/- per participant. This will include training materials, lunch for Monday and Tuesday, and administrative costs. We are currently in the midst of arranging the final details, so catch this space in a week’s time for more details on registration and venues! --- READ MORE

Singapore and Malaysia Public Holidays and School Holidays 2011
It is the start of the New Year 2011 and I've been busy distributing my work office calendars to my customers. Apparently many companies has been cutting back on their calendar and diary distribution, so for those who didn't get any and need the Malaysian Public Holidays and School Holidays of 2011 for their leisure and vacation planning, you could look it up in this post.

While I am at it, I may as well post up the Singapore Public Holidays and School Semester Breaks of 2011 since I know many Singaporeans also liked to travel to Cameron Highlands for their holiday vacation getaway. --- READ MORE

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