Monday, May 23, 2011

sunday herald scotland giggs super injunction

Internet storm as injunction footballer identified : THE floodgates opened last night on the footballer accused of turning to the courts to protect his privacy after a Scottish newspaper took the dramatic step of identifying him.

The Herald’s sister paper, the Sunday Herald, was the first major UK publication to openly link the English Premier League player to claims he took out a gagging order to prevent allegations of an affair.

Though legal restrictions prevent English and Welsh publications and news sites from running full details, hundreds of thousands of Twitter users circulated the name and some posted photographs of the Sunday Herald which were viewed hundreds of thousands of times.

The Sunday Herald’s exposure of the player, whose name was already in the public domain through thousands of references on Twitter, prompted an outpouring of support from internet users making a mockery of super-injunctions.

The court gagging orders have been criticised by politicians and lawyers, who warn they have run far beyond their intended purpose of protecting people’s private lives. Read More

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