Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Sweet! My XBOX 360 just RROD on me! [UPDATE]

Yes boys and girls, you heard it here!  My 2+ year old "Falcon" core XBOX 360 just crapped out on me.  I was about to play Brink with my buddies.  I turned my XBOX on, plugged in my Turtle Beach DX11's and walked away.  When I came back all four light plus the middle (green) one were flashing.  It has done this before, but it was an issue with my A/V cables.

So I turned off my XBOX and turned it back on, only to see sections 1, 3 and 4 lit up.  Meaning the RROD.  So it looks like an E01 error.  When you get ANY error code, press the SYNC and then the EJECT button to bring up a secondary error code.  I did that and it was "Short circuit in the console/faulty PSU".  So MY XBOX is fried.  YAY!

For anyone that wants to know how to get the secondary set of error codes, here's a great site that explains to you how to get it and what each secondary code means.  My XBOX could easily be broken via the power brick, but I don't think that's the case.

P.S. At least I was able to play about 12 hours of Brink.  Just enough to beat it too.  :)

UPDATE - So after sitting there and I wrapped up my headset, put them back in the box, I picked my XBOX up, started to shake it and you could hear a piece inside tumble around.  Then I kicked it.  I plugged it back in and the darn thing fires up like it never had a single issue.  LOL.  That's how you fix a RROD.  Shake it, followed by kicking the thing.

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