Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Tavia Yeung Info

Tavia Yeung Yi (born August 30, 1979) is a Hong Kong actress under Hong Kong's Television Broadcast Limited or TVB. She has starred in numerous popular Hong Kong television series such as Vigilante Force, Twin of Brothers, Dicey Business, Heart of Greed, Moonlight Resonance and Beyond the Realm of Conscience.

Name  : 楊怡 (杨怡) / Yeung Yi (Yang Yi)
English name : Tavia Yeung
Chinese name :楊怡 (Traditional)
Chinese name :杨怡 (Simplified)
Pinyin :Yáng Yí (Mandarin)
Jyutping :Joeng4 Ji4 (Cantonese)
Ancestry :Chikan, Zhanjiang, Guangdong, China
Origin :Hong Kong
Born :August 30, 1979 (age 31)Hong Kong
Occupation :Actress
Height : 165cm
Weight : 47kg
Star sign : Virgo
Chinese zodiac : Goat
Family : Older sister/actress Griselda Yeung

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