Tuesday, May 17, 2011


Hey lovies,took me a while to finally decide to write this here,let's just call it "A tale of love"...
Hmmmm in the beginning God created Adam and from his side made Eve,ok sorry sorry let me get down to it*am covering my face as I write this sha*
He has a way with words is saying a cat purrs which is natural(so u understand what am saying),if u think I write well when am in my element then u need to meet him. I fell in love with his writing from day 1,the first time I saw him was onboard the aircraft(though I never told him this)nd I thought he was rather cute,got off the plane and forgot about him until I saw his writings again. The initial plan was just to tell him I was in awe of the write-ups but alas fate would not agree for it to be just that,it grew from that to us talking on the phone when it was/is convenient and not so convenient,or bbm(ing)each other about how our day was going to being called "My Duchess". Trust me I don't believe in this whole love ish and I think relationships are just a waist of time,personally I ask God why don't u just tell us who we get to spend the rest of our lives with from heaven instead of testing waters na.. There's just something bout "him",the way he "scolds" me when I say I haven't eaten,or just him saying my duchess or him calling to hear my voice in the morning before he goes on board or at night before we go to bed(hian) guys I can't believe am saying this but this young man has me. He takes me as I am,OCD,sulking,and everything nice,Lami's new song "Ori mi wu" best describes this,but then I hate feeling all this "rubbish feelings"nd I formed I couldn't be bothered anymore giving monosyllabic answers to his questions,knowing deep down I wanted to really talk to him oh!(Can u imagine)but I couldn't take it again this night so I had to write this note... I don't know what to call this oh! Help!!! Like Taylor Swift would say it is a very good sign of "jump THEN fall"

Nd if u get to read this,oh! Well*wink
Ps :dady if u read this don't call me oh! A teXt would be fine...hehe(u know na)

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