Friday, June 10, 2011

Bakerzin Singapore - Bakerzin Dining Discount Vouchers

Bakerzin gives us all reason to smile as they giving away dining vouchers worth up to $100! Whether it’s pasta or desserts you love, you’ll definitely find that the savings will keep you going back for more. Download your vouchers today! Terms and conditions apply. Read More

Desserts from Bakerzin Singapore
Especially not when there is cake involved, and warm, molten chocolate oozing out from it. I know, I should have tried harder, but it’s difficult when I did not manage to satisfy my tiramisu cravings during dinner earlier. The Chocolate souffle was baked up to a rich shade of brown, with a classic bittersweet taste that will break the defense of any person effortlessly. Bakerzin’s Bailey’s Irish Cream Souffle ($8.80) may not be the best chocolate souffle in Singapore, but for half the price of a Max Brenner’s chocolate souffle — it’s good enough when the craving kicks in. Read More

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