Monday, June 20, 2011

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Get 50,000,000 coins and 5 years fre membership on club penguin then you need to follow the insturctions
1. Log off your penguin
2. Press f12 4 times
3. Post this onto 5 different places on here
4. Log back onto club penguin
5. You can do everything you ever wanted to do
Once you have logged back on then you will have 50,000,000 coins and 5 years.ya?/

The Club Penguin Cheats Team Party!
If you have been following us scince November of 2010 you will know we used to have one back then. If you were not following us scince then then you might be wondering ” what is a team party?” Well the team party is where all of the hard working authors get a chance to take a little break and enjoy a party with all of the other authors, and party with all the fans, and also where you get a chance to meet us and get to add us!

However, This party will sadly not include Watex/Fever because he is busy, But it will include some of the authors on this website! In the picture below shows the compleate information about the party:

If you cant read it it says:

Time: 10:00 Am Pst (penguin standar time)
Server: Tundra
Place: 9John Cena’s igloo (on map)
Date: June 25 2011

In this party you will get to meet some of the hard working authors that keep this site updated with all the cheats and secrets going on club penguin! In the list that is below it will tell you guys which authors are attending to this party, or might be going to the party:
9John Cena

I hope you all can attend to this party! I can bet that is going to be a blast! By the way if you have twitter, a blog, etc please post or tweet about this! We want to get the word out as much possible as we can! Comment here and tell us what you think of the party, and if you are coming! Read More

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