Saturday, June 18, 2011

Crytek denies having Xbox 360 successor

Earlier this week, a rumor linked German developer Crytek with Microsoft's next generation of hardware. The report--citing a "high-ranking" source at Crytek--said that the Xbox 360 successor would likely be announced at E3 2012 and that it would feature DirectX 11 integration. However, today the company is saying it has no knowledge of Microsoft's future technology.
According to a Crytek statement obtained by GameSpot, Crytek does "not have any next generation hardware from Microsoft" and has no idea when the Xbox maker will announce its future console plans.
Crytek did, however, offer word concerning the next generation of consoles. The German shop said its CryEngine under-the-hood technology--based on its estimates--will be a "next generation engine for all consoles."
As for what Crytek is up to at the moment, the statement said the developer is currently focused on "pushing the boundaries of what current technology can bring" and will "shortly" release a DX11 update for Crysis 2.

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