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Ladda Land (Thai Movie 2011) หนังไทย

Ladda Land (Thai Movie 2011) หนังไทย

Thailand seems to have succeeded in developing wings in the field of widescreen movies to this our homeland. After the success of various movie genre romantic comedy like Suck Seed and Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Thailand is now trying his luck with the re-spawn a new horror movie. Yes, Thailand is famous for his ability in making a horror movie. Both in terms of storyline and sound effects and processing images from the film. So, this is one of the latest horror film from Thailand, Ladda Land.

Ladda Land tells the story of a family that recently moved into a new house. Family consisting of father, mother, a daughter who had been teenagers, and a boy it seems very enthusiastic about their move this. But on the first night, they began to feel something unusual with this house. Many events that do not make sense that they see. All four family members seeing visions of a figure is often a scary woman.

As for example when the girls start to see a pair of legs that runs between the clothesline, or when his friends came to the house and tried to intimidate him and then came the apparition of a woman with long hair behind them. Who is the figure the appearance of this long-haired woman? What to do with the house they occupy?

One half-hour length movies are reportedly removed from a true story in the area of ​​Chiang Mai is indeed much abandoned by its inhabitants because there are many strange happenings that are not absurd and bizarre deaths.

One of the things that might become his top security this movie because the director and the story goes. Sophon Sakdaphisit is the director and writer of the film that has the other title is The Last Home. What makes Sophon make this movie has the added value?

The answer is because Sophon a horror movie script writers some phenomenal in Thailand that is Shutter and Alone, which he wrote with the duo Sutrdara Banjong Pisanthanakun and Parkpoon Woongpoom. Directorial debut began with the Thai horror film directed Coming Soon that is also quite successful in the market in 2008. The experience of writing the script Shutter, Alone, and directed Coming Soon could make this film promising and worthy to watch.

This is evidenced by the enthusiasm of the audience in Thailand. The Last Home (aka Ladda ลัด ดา แลน Land) has successfully topped the Box Office in Thailand. In the first week of release, the film has been released since 28 April 2011 this past has accumulated 463,084,261 baht (or about $ 1,531,337). More dasyatnya again, this film also managed to beat the leading Hollywood film this summer that is Thor, which only just managed to get $ 964,130.

This record is good enough to prove that Thailand could be the host of his own handiwork. Supported by good production values, the way the story is simple really able to evoke the atmosphere of horror that is desired by the director.

Another interesting thing is on one poster. Where the poster depicting a happy family. Four family members who are smiling so wide. But when viewed as good there is an appearance of long-haired woman behind them.

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