Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mei Le Jia You, Love Keeps Going, 美乐加油第二集

*♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* LOVE KEEPS GOING *♥*♥*♥*♥*♥* 美乐。加油
Episodes: 16 (Taiwan), 26 (China)
Genre: Romantic comedy
Channel: Taiwan-GTV, hakka tv, CTV; China-Zhe Jiang tv
Filming location: Taiwan, China
Filming period: 21 October 2010-15 March 2011
Broadcast period: June 2011
Producer: Ke Yi Qin (柯宜勤)- Domani
Director: Ke Han Chen (柯翰辰)
Story from 王的恋歌 novel

S y n o p s i s
Cha Mei Le is an ordinary Hakka girl who believes that if we work hard there will be good things happen. As she loves Han Yi Feng so much, she leaves her career and helps his boyfriend open a bakery. After discovering he is cheating on her, she is comforted by Yi Feng’s younger brother, Han Yi Lie, who is very hostile and hard to interact with, but his eccentric personality has bowed to Mei Le’s toasts and he becomes soften because he sees Mei Le’s sincerity. The weird thing is Yi Lie can’t compose before he ate her toasts. Unfortunately, Mei Le disappeared when he realized that he’s already fell in love with her. Will Yi Lie meet Mei Le once again? Or when Yi Lie met Mei Le, she already has someone beside her? This drama certainly looks similar to dramas in the past. However as the first government sponsored drama, “Mei Le, Jia You” has more offer than the routine love triangle and dramatic coincidences. Read More

Cyndi Wang and Mike He in drama Mei Le Jia You
Cyndi Wang and Mike He will be in a new GTV drama called “美樂加油” (roughly translates to Mei Le, go) – a love story with a bakery shop as its setting. For the drama, they specially invited the 2010 world champion pastry chef Hsu Yen-Wu as their consultant. Coincidently, SETTV also plans to film a bakery related drama next year, but GTV will get a head start in filming. The two leads got their character image styles settled just several days ago, and the drama is to start filming on the 16th.

In “美樂加油”, Cyndi Wang will play a bakery shop owner, so she has been practicing some basic skills like kneading dough and baking toasts. Mike He will play a famous music producer who falls in love with Cyndi’s toasts, which gives him inspirations for his work.

Although Mike’s popularity has been declining, GTV emphasized, “(We’re) very happy to have Mike He be in this drama, we especially asked the original novel author (單飛雪) to modify the script to fit his character.” Read More

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