Thursday, June 9, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 engine?

Infinity Ward's Robert Bowling, the community manager of the studio, confirmed on his Twitter account that the engine of Modern Warfare 3 will be improved over the one in the previous Modern Warfare title, and that lots of "cool stuff" were added on top of it.
The engine of the Modern Warfare 3 was discussed earlier this year, when Bowling once again highlighted that Infinity Ward doesn't want to create all-new graphics engines because its current one is extremely versatile and can be improved with each iteration in the series.

They make a billion dollars and don't even make a new engine. I posted this because DICE is going to pound the fuck out of them with the Frostbite 2.

IW even said that DICE's engine is far superior than anything they have. So why NOT make a new engine? Not like they don't have the money.

This is another reason why I am very loyal to DICE and have a veteran statues of 10! I love them and they LISTEN to their fans.

This just further shows how fucking greedy IW truly is. If they really cared about their fans, they would have remade an engine and made it the best. 

DICE has been working 3 years on Battlefield 3 while IW has only worked on Modern Warfare 3 for about a year, if that. It's just so sad how fast they pump out complete shit that people run to buy.

I am really sad for the people who will line up and buy this game day one.  I already know that Modern Warfare 3 will probably sell over $1 billion dollars, but everyone who's anyone will know that Battlefield 3 will truly be the better game.

If I made a billion dollars, I would show my fans a whole new engine with state of the art technology, I would give them DEDICATED servers so the game would turn to shit in a week because of hackers, yet IW and Sledge Hammer don't give a flying fuck.  What a shame.

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