Thursday, June 9, 2011

pc show 2011 june Singapore, it fair 2011 june

Singapore's longest-running IT and consumer electronics show is back to entice tech-savvy shoppers with the latest gadgets.

In its 21st year, this year's PC Show features over 600 exhibitors and will be on till Sunday.

Doors opened at noon on Thursday and hundreds of shoppers poured in.

On display was a huge array of gadgets from some of the biggest electronic brands.

The hottest item this year is the tablet PC. With an easy-to-navigate touch screen interface, many companies have launched their versions of the tablet.

Zainal Mohd Zain, said: "It's more affordable, and it's lighter, and also the battery life is longer.

"Especially for property agents, insurance agents - because they need to present to their clients - battery (life) is very important to them. If you carry a notebook, it's much heavier." Read More

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