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Woodleigh MRT - Chi Can Em Hanh Phuc, Smrt Map, Woodleigh, MRT Map (兀里地铁站 உட்லீ)

Woodleigh MRT Station
Woodleigh MRT Station (NE11) is a underground Mass Rapid Transit station of the North East Line, located on part of the former Bidadari Cemetery. When the North-East Line opened, it was one of the fully-completed MRT stations in the entire system that was non-operational. The Art In Transit artwork in this station is listed as Slow Motion by April Ng Kiow Ngor. Part of the station's interior was shown on an episode of Building the Biggest on Discovery Channel. It is estimated that if the station was opened, its daily ridership would still be under the 2,000 general benchmark deemed necessary for a station to make economic sense to operate. However, on March 8, 2011, SBS Transit announced the opening of the station on June 20, 2011.

After the maintenance on the lifts, escalators and fare gates were conducted and the platform polished on the eve of the grand opening, the station finally became operational to celebrate the 8th anniversary of the entire line which started in 2003, excluding Buangkok station. Published information in the Singapore Master Plan as well as several reports in the newspapers have mentioned a planned major housing project where the former Bidadari Cemetery sat. Currently, existing nearby condominiums include Avon Park, Euro-Asia Park and Blossoms at Woodleigh. There are also several new condominium projects under development in the area including, Parc Mondrian on Woodleigh Close and 8@Woodleigh. Other buildings around it include a Salvation Army stockhouse, and a few shophouses.

NE11 Woodleigh MRT Station 兀里地铁站 உட்லீ
Address : 400 Upper Serangoon Road Singapore 347695
Coordinates : 1°20′21″N 103°52′15″E
Lines : North East Line
Connections : Bus, Taxi
Structure : Underground
Levels : 2
Platforms : Island
Tracks : 2
Other information
Opened : 20 June 2011
Accessible : Handicapped/disabled access
Code : NE11

The station enjoys close proximity to several reputable schools such as Stamford American International School permanent campus, Saint Andrew's School, Cedar Primary School, Cedar Girls' Secondary School and Maris Stella High School. The CTE/PIE and Potong Pasir MRT station are just minutes away, allowing quick and easy access to the city and CBD. Mount Vernon, which is nearby, houses the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and the Mount Vernon Camp. Read More

Chỉ Cần Em Hạnh Phúc - Hồ Quang Hiếu
Đóng góp: nemomb
Tình yêu đôi lúc không cùng cảm giác yêu thương từ hai người
...dù cho hạnh phúc em chọn là ai...đâu phải anh!
chỉ cần em nói em buồn...anh sẽ đến bên em để nghe tâm sự của em.
dù cho con tim này vỡ nát...

Rồi một lần đã cố nói với anh là tình yêu em đã chọn thật nhiều nỗi đau.
Rằng lòng mình chỉ biết nói với em lời quan tâm của 1 người bạn thân...

Vẫn cứ lắng nghe con tim em như thế nào?
Người mình yêu không vui phải làm sao?
Cứ thế trôi qua bao nhiêu tháng ngày...anh có hay!
Đối với anh khi đưa ra hai con đường...
Bỏ mặc em hay anh sẽ bên em?
Dẫu có thêm bao nhiêu nỗi buồn hay nỗi đau!
Anh sẽ bên em....anh sẽ bên em... Read More

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