Saturday, February 26, 2011


Was going through 234next and i stumbled upon this, i think its so beautiful and sweet*teary*

What is the most romantic moment you've shared with him?

I hesitate because there have been many, but I guess the one that comes straight to mind is the morning of our wedding. My husband had a single rose delivered to me at 7am, with a card stating, "I can't wait to be joined with you for all eternity!" He then had a cup of tea and my favourite white chocolate cookies and another single rose sent to me in the day, with another card saying, "You are already gorgeous to me, but I can't wait to see you today!" Then, while I was doing my hair and makeup, he had yet another rose delivered with a card that said, "So, soon we will be together. I miss you baby, Your Loving HUSBAND!!!!!" He had in all, five single roses sent to me that day.

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