Thursday, May 19, 2011

jon yena ctress

jon yena ctress ; christy chung, chung lệ đề

Musician lends a hand in actress-wife's childbirth
Saturday morning, with his actress wife Christy Chung ready to give birth in Beijing's United Family Hospital, musician Jon Yen, assisted in the delivery of his third daughter, Cayla Janie Yen with only a midwife and a nurse present.

Several hours earlier sensing the baby was getting ready to pop out, Chung quickly woke her husband by calling out their secret word, "Titanic," signally the birth was imminent. With bags pre-packed and the hospital notified, Yen had his wife at United Family within a short 15 minutes.

Shortly after their 4 am arrival, Chung began having strong contractions and commented she was "physically ready". Hospital staff told her the doctor was "already on route". --- READ MORE

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